cropSurgical Associates of Richmond is pleased to announce that its physicians have been awarded Best Bedside Manner Awards by OurHealth magazine in their December 2015 issue.

General Surgery: Dr. D. Michael Rose garnered first place while Dr. David A. Bettinger placed in second. Dr. Amy T. Rose also received honorable mention.

Vascular Surgery: Dr. Richard L. Binns garnered first place while Dr. Raymond G. Makhoul placed in second.


If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our surgeons, you can reach us at our Johnston Willis office at (804) 320-2705 or at our Waterford office at (804) 379-0029. Dr. Binns is also accepting new patients at our VeinSolutions office at (804) 330-8024.

Feel free to visit each of our physician profiles on our website ( under the main page physicians’ tab.