Ms. Cheekati was born and raised in India and relocated to the United States in 2002. Currently, she resides in Midlothian in Chesterfield County.


Ms. Cheekati obtained her bachelor’s degree in biology and education from Andhra University in India. Then, she proceeded to obtain her Master’s in education as well as in the arts. After her studies, she spent some time of her career as a teacher. When Ms. Cheekati moved to the United States however, she decided to join a nursing program and graduated from the Arkansas Northeastern College. After getting this exposure to nursing, she started her nursing career at Chippenham Medical Center as a registered nurse in Richmond. She worked in the medical, surgical, and vascular care units for 10 years. Ms. Cheekati really enjoyed the work that she did and completed her Master’s in nursing from the Virginia Commonwealth University. Her early career as an educator and later as a nursing professional provided her with the intellectual foundation and mindset needed to be part of this intriguing and gratifying profession. Initially, she subconsciously just started absorbing the nursing skills and simply enjoyed the learning process. Ms. Cheekati finds it interesting to look back to those moments and think how they were the start of her journey of being a nurse practitioner.

Ms. Cheekati joined Surgical Associates in May 2016 and started her new career as a vascular nurse practitioner. Currently, she is practicing full-time at Chippenham Medical Center.

Personal Notes

Ms. Cheekati loves spending time with her friends and family. She also likes arts and crafts, painting, and enjoys listening to good music.